New Music: U-KOH / Encounter

This past week saw quite a few big releases, one of them being TimeSlave Recordings newest hot record by U-KOH. Encounter is available in limited quantities on cassette, so I thought I’d get that out there early. Such things don’t typically last long so you might want to jump on that if physical media is your thing! Check Bandcamp for the cassette and digital copies to keep your #SummerofSynth going!

The album starter, Love You…, is a fantastic way to get you hooked right out of the gate. Not only is it insanely catchy, it’s also a pop, almost radio listenabilty to it. We Can’t Turn Back (We Only Have To Go), also featured on FutureSounds Vol 2 Sampler – A Taste of the Future, brings the heat from the first note. It is a perfect bridge of old school sensibility with modern synthwave flair. To The Sun continues with the record’s solid gold status with another banger of a track. That bass line? Oh my! Those synth solos? This song is a stone cold killer. Cold Land Adventure slows things down a bit. Don’t take that to read as “less exciting” though. U-KOH does some things in this song that I’ve never heard any other synthwavers attempt. He took a low-key, almost jazzy track and made it electrifying. Take Me to the Sea is a remaster of one of U-KOH’s precious singles. It’s a well layered and well produced track that gets you moving, has an excellent song structure, and is solid from start to finish. Neonlights Highway is another remaster and trust me, hold on to your seatbelt. This is a fast paced and sonically deep track. There is no way you hear this song and leave without being impressed. This is top shelf synthwave. Edge of the Dark is yet another amazing song with great solos and a breakdown that had me banging my head. U-KOH isn’t pulling any punches! Final Scene closes out Encounter with a fitting coda. It’s large in scale, musically and emotionally satisfying, and you can totally picture the closing credits starting to roll as a freeze frame picture fills the screen in your head.


Encounter has been pretty widely praised, and with good reason. It’s an absolute stunner and surely one the year’s best releases. Bandcamp is your source for great music and you need to go there right now and pick up U-KOH’s entry into the #SummerofSynth. TimeSlave Recordings is absolutely slaying it this year!

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