New Music: Dimi Kaye / Summers in Greece

Is there a more fitting way to welcome the official first day of summer than a review of Dimi Kaye’s new EP, Summers in Greece? We’ve seen his name mentioned quite a few times in my recent interviews, so it’s fitting that new readers can acquaint themselves with the man behind all the applause. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out our review of his last album, La Luna, which includes a full interview! You can find that HERE. Now that we’ve got that all settled, let’s check out some music!

Sailing the Ionian Islands sets the summer tone immediately, with lush and warm synths, a bright and vibrant tone, and a catchy hook. In what Dimi has described as his love letter to his homeland, Summers in Greece certainly feels like an open invitation to enjoy the experience. Rhodes (Dance of the Butterflies) maintains the upbeat tempo of the starter and somehow manages to squeeze even more sunshine into the music. I loved the guitar solo over the synthwork…it shows the dynamic of two different instruments and Dimi Kaye’s mastery of both. Myconian Parties Never Stop is a sure fire dance starter, and if this is the kind of music they’re playing, no wonder the parties never stop! It’s a beautiful blend of synths, piano, and warm strings that remind me very much of my favorite New Order work. Highway to Ioannina has my favorite synth solo on the entire EP. It’s especially great if you’re listening to the song with your best headphones on, as it seems to echo into the listeners physical space. Once the guitar work hits you’re already done for, hook, line, and sinker. Cyclades (Underwater Dance) changes things up a bit, with a deep bass seeming to pull you under water…island tones playing out over the deep expanse create a perfect balance. It’s a subtle and atmospheric ending to the summer kick off EP of the season.

Dimi Kaye never fails to impress, and Summers in Greece makes you wish you were there to enjoy the fun. There’s no bigger compliment that I can give than to say it is a truly immersive experience. If you close your eyes you can almost imagine yourself being there. The way the song compliment each other so well that it flows seamlessly. Want to kick your summer off right? Head over to Bandcamp and book your ticket for Summers in Greece right now!

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