Synthwave Sunday: Die Scum Inc. / The Epoch Code

On their last album, My Fist is Fight, Die Scum Inc. gave everyone the soundtrack to one of the greatest motion pictures that was never made (check out our review HERE). While it felt like a jump back in time to the action flicks of the 1980’s, The Epoch Code takes us into the future. The album comes out June 27th and can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp right this second. Also, if get your order in for the digital version before July 31st you’re going to get $5.00 off the cassette edition when it comes out. Please, and thank you!

The Epoch Code begins with Reporting In…a song that really sets the tone for what’s to come (which is VERY important on a concept album). The Bandcamp page teases that the album tells of a dystopian near future, but that’s all. The rest of this story is up to you, the listener. First Responder offers an action packed experience…heavy synths and a driving beat really get you moving (if you’re so inclined…I’m a knee bouncer and a head banger myself). Cold Case embraces the dystopian feel, with cold rain falling in the background (somehow I just KNOW it’s cold), haunting synths, and an oppressive atmosphere. The Adversary is an absolute stunner…the bass line instantly connects you into the heartbeat of the song. Add to that competing harmonies that seem conflicting at first, only to blend together in such a way that gives you chills. It’s a brilliant track that had me wanting to hit restart the second it finished. Thinking that there’s absolutely no way they could possibly top The Adversary, Die Scum Inc. unleash The Encounter. It’s like a twin brother song to The Adversary, but this brother is the outcast…the black sheep. Heavy drums provide a unstoppable back beat, another killer bass line, and keys that riff along the edges of the darkness make this another “must listen” track.

Okay, we’ve crossed over the halfway point now, and surely Die Scum Inc. are done. They can’t top what we’ve already covered so I’m going to go ahead and close up shop for the day. Humanity 2.0 hits and blows that all out of the water. It’s a slice of perfectly crafted futuristic synthwave…one of the summer’s best. I’d hold this track up against anything anyone else has released and it definitely needs a place in your SummerofSynth playlist. Revelations is primed and ready to bring us into the home stretch. It’s an atmospheric track that holds true to the continued dystopian story arc that Die Scum Inc. have ingrained into the record. The self-titled Epoch Code brings the record to a close with a bit of majesty and mystery. The closer leaves you wanting even more, and that’s where the magic of Die Scum Inc. really shines. My Fist is Fight is the same exact way.


If you enjoyed the classic “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, Die Scum Inc. is your new favorite band. They give you an album title, a really cool cover, and then YOU get to decide how the story goes. It’s a truly selfless act of creative freedom and ultimately makes the album just as much yours as it is theirs. What better way to share your music, right?! I’m very much looking forward to their next Notion Picture Soundtrack!

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