Equinox / It’s Hard To Be Happy When Your Head Is Full Of Sin

It’s here! The full length collection of spoken word poet, Equinox, and his collaborations with a widely varied assortment of musical acts. It’s Hard To Be Happy When Your Head Is Full Of Sin is as adventurous as it is haunting. It’s most certainly one of the most ambitious records of the year and easily one of the best. Hearing the interpretations of his poetry through so many lenses is an extremely satisfying experience and one I’d recommend to just about anyone. If you missed our interview with Equinox you can find it HERE. Now that we’re properly introduced, let’s explore what’s on this masterpiece.

  1. Help Me Please – feat. Ashley Reaks: This starter track serves as an excellent welcome to what’s to come. It’s subtle, it’s fragile, and it introduces you to the voice and the poetry of Equinox.
  2. Kiss – feat. Feral Five: Hold on to your seats! If you thought this was going to be a coffee house collection of tracks, Kiss blows that out the window immediately. It’s a banger of a track that could just as easily be heard in the club.
  3. Goodbye – feat. Dementio13: This was actually the first Equinox track that I heard…in fact we covered it here at Echosynthetic. It’s a haunted track, with Dementio13 adding a haunted score and glitching out the vocal work.
  4. Sarah-Jayne (Aftermath) – feat. Ceiling Demons: It’s a short and brilliantly scored track…more of an interlude than anything. It’s a sad, but well written piece of poetry that was handled perfectly by Ceiling Demons.
  5. Somebody Too – feat. Rosie Bans: The piano score on this track sets an almost ethereal feel for the spoken word work of Equinox. It’s yet another perfect collaboration and we’re barely 1/3 of the way into the record!
  6. Don’t Die On Me – feat. Snippet: This track features body moving disco/funk with a killer back beat and further shows how different interpretations can be so exciting.
  7. Goodnight Vienna – feat. Vince Clarke: Yes, THAT Vince Clarke. It’s a dark masterwork of poetry and a subtle but ever present musical accompaniment. I wanted more (it’s a very short track), but that’s the magic of good poetry. It’s SUPPOSED to leave you wanting more.
  8. Sweet Rose – feat. Radio Europa: Heavenly strings play counterweight to the dark and brooding lyrical work, a perfect balance in place. The music helps you float just above the shadows that creep in around the edges.
  9. Mule – feat. Nat Lyon: Beautiful acoustic guitar introduces you to Mule, and shows yet another facet of the creativity on this collection. What I really love about this track is how it builds and grows, with distortion and shoegaze elements bursting out from the dark.
  10. Scream – feat. Pulco: Once of the most atmospheric tracks on the record, Scream sucks you into a Twilight Zone head trip. It makes you uncomfortable, but it’s supposed to. It’s an excellent pairing to the poetry at hand.
  11. How It Is – JAYmix – feat. Jay Stansfield: Distorted vocals, and light but brooding score that builds over time make this track a showcase. It’s a very interesting interpretation of the poetry and another one of my favorites on the record.
  12. Humankind – feat. deux furieuses: Just when you think you’ve heard the gamut of what could be gleaned from the poetry of Equinox, a punk riff blasts through your speakers. I can’t help but smile as I bounce my head to the beat.
  13. Gone – feat. Superhand: Words can’t really prepare you for what’s coming here. What begins as a glitched out, bombastic, and fully immersive score settles out into an atmospheric and ethereal soundscape. Very ambitious!
  14. Belief – feat. Will Harris: What better way to close than an a beautiful and haunting piano score with the sound of birds and wind in the background. It’s the coda to one of the best albums of the year.

Equinox has released what is one of the most immersive, frustrating, enjoyable, progressive, and ultimately listenable records I’ve ever heard. The fact that it’s able to strum up so many emotions is a nod to his creativity and that of his collaborators. This is a MUST own album in my humble opinion and it can be had for an insanely low price over at Bandcamp. There are a few copies left of the VERY limited edition cd version as well. Go now, support creativity and support poetry, and support spoken word.

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