New Music: JJ.Christie and Nightlights / Night Shadows (Extended Morphine Mix)

Nightlights has a new EP on the way, and what better way to build excitement than have studio wizard JJ.Christie remix one of your old tracks?!? Night Shadows gets the “Down Under” treatment in this Extended Morphine Mix that really showcases both artists. On one hand you’ve got Nightlights and her obvious talents in regards to song structure and immersive harmony. On the other you’ve got JJ.Christie who is a dynamo in the studio, creating a bombastic dance hit out of the original song. With a new Nightlights EP on the way, countless JJ.Christie projects around the bend, and a whole lot of summer left, Night Shadows (Extended Morphine Mix) is one of the BEST ways to keep the party going! It’s due to hit June 30th but you can get your pre-orders in RIGHT NOW at Bandcamp! It’s only $1.00 and for the price of entry you also get the Nightlights original version. Sign me up!

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