New Music: IndiGhost / The Sunset Club EP

If you’ve been a frequent visitor to Echosynthetic then you know I absolutely love IndiGhost. The Australian artist has his finger on the pulse of the 1980’s better than most everyone else on the scene. If you’ve not checked out his other work then I give you permission to step away for a little bit and explore. I’ll even provide the link to his Bandcamp page to make it easier for you. Here you go:

Back? Alright! Pretty good stuff, right? The Sunset Club is another winner in a line of quite a few wins for IndiGhost. It’s a much tighter EP than his previous work…you can tell he’s experimenting and getting more comfortable with the tools he has at hand. The end result is a well sculpted and more immersive work that had me wanting to explore the set pieces he’s created. If The Sunset Club is any indication of the direction IndiGhost is headed, we’ve got some really great stuff to look forward to. Go ahead and bookmark that Bandcamp page I linked…you’re going to want to visit it again, I promise!

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