New Music: Street Fever / ENCHAÎNÉ

This week saw the release of one of the most anticipated EPs on my “Want” list. Street Fever’s ENCHAÎNÉ has been in my sights well before I even knew what the title was going to be. After hearing some of the new material when he opened for Carpenter Brut, I knew he had a killer release on the way. Now, thanks to Bandcamp it is safely in my collection.

Like Street Fever’s previous work, ENCHAÎNÉ wields bombastic beats and hooks with surgical precision.  There’s an austerity to his style…no fluff, no insane production work required. From beginning to end, ENCHAÎNÉ and Street Fever demand your attention. Luckily the content is so good you’re going to be hooked from the first track on anyway.

As I mentioned before, ENCHAÎNÉ has some heavy, heavy beats, and there is going to be a lot missed if you’re not listening through speakers or headphones with a wide range. This is music that hits hard…so hard you fee it on your chest. Nothing can quite top the experience of hearing these songs live, but I can tell you one thing, Street Fever cuts a mean record. ENCHAÎNÉ is must own material and I can’t recommend it enough.

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