Synthwave Sunday: 24:7 / Zero Hour

In what seems to be a banner year for the label, TimeSlave Recordings had another winner hidden up its sleeve. If you’ve not heard it already, the full length record from 24:7, Zero Hour, is a stacked deck of synthwave goodies. Did I mention it’s available on limited edition cassette as well? You can snag it right now at Bandcamp, but if you want one of those tapes, don’t wait around…it will certainly sell out (less than 10 left!). Certainly you’ve already heard Into Battle on A Taste of the Future sampler, but now you get to enjoy a whole album…are you ready?

I don’t know what is going on this summer, but there has been more great music coming out than I can keep up with. I guess I need to thank Ethereal Delusions for coining the #SummerofSynth hashtag, because it has certainly worked as a catalyst for dozens of hot releases that have kept me busy every single day. 24:7 is no exception to the “hot” description. His new full length record is pure gold, featuring hit after hit after hit. Zero Hour far exceeded my expectations, and those expectations were already high after hearing Into Battle on the A Taste of the Future sampler. It was an amazing track the certainly stood out as a winning single, but to think that 24:7 was hiding an entire record of songs of equal quality was one of TimeSlave Recordings’ best kept secrets.

While listening to Zero Hour I’m brought back to a golden time in my childhood. Rainy summer days spent playing video games or coming up with my own plot lines for the post apocalyptic movies I had running around in my head (all starring Kurt Russell, of course!). My point being, this album gets my imagination spinning…creating sub-plots for the songs, or thinking of which tracks could have fit in perfectly in different games I enjoyed. There’s a quote on the album’s Bandcamp page that I’ll repeat here because Zero Hour nails it on the head: “The 80s aren’t back, they never left…”

Once again, if you haven’t figured it out, I really enjoyed Zero Hour by 24:7. It’s an exciting experience that really takes you back, but in such a way that the listener is part of the journey. Keep your eyes out for 24:7…I can tell you right now that this is an artist that has a lot going for them and I think Zero Hour is just the tip of the iceberg.

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