Echosynthetic Exclusive Cover of the Day: Frisky Monkey / Heaven is a Place on Earth

This year Atlanta’s Frisky Monkey took part in 500 Songs For Kids, part of the Songs For Kids Foundation, which is a charity that raises funds for children suffering from illness and hardship. Over the course of 12 nights hundreds of bands and solo artists each perform one of the five hundred songs. Frisky Monkey enjoyed their experience so much that they wanted everyone to hear the song they were assigned. It just so happens it was one of the biggest songs of the 1980’s, Belinda Carlisle’s 1987 smash hit, Heaven is a Place on Earth. It releases officially July 7th and you’ll be able to find it on your favorite digital music resource. It’s up for pre-order on Amazon as we speak (click HERE to check that out!). In the meantime, check out Frisky Monkey’s amazing cover! It’s warm, it’s incredibly dance worthy, and worthy of the daunting task of re-imagining such a well known track! I expected no less from Atlanta’s best synthpop act (check out our interview with them earlier this year HERE)!

To check out the 500 Songs For Kids website and how you can donate as well, please follow THIS link!

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