Occams Laser and TimeSlave Recordings Bring The Grid to Cassette

That’s right! I’m happy to announce that TimeSlave Recordings has partnered up with Occams Laser to offer The Grid on a limited edition cassette release. How limited, you might ask? There are fifty copies, but hold on to your horses, because I’ve got some very exciting news. The first ten cassettes sold are going to be ultra limited edition blue with the remaining forty being black. TimeSlave Recordings have promised to have pre-orders up shortly after this posts so head over to their Bandcamp to get your hands on this exciting (and limited!) opportunity!

Seeing as how Tron is one of my favorite movies ever, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask Occams Laser a few questions about The Grid:

The Grid is based on one of my favorite movies of all time, Tron. How did the film inspire your songwriting?

One of the key things that makes Tron work as a film is definitely it’s soundtrack. The rich synthesiser’s used were so new and out there at the time that it felt so much more futuristic. When I started writing my album I wanted to try and re-encapsulate that raw electronic sci-fi sound. Before I wrote a lot of the tracks for the album; I had already worked out what they’d be called. For the names I tried to pick words or characters that symbolised a certain chapter or scene of the original film. For me this helped as I already had a visual ‘clu’ of what part of the film I was effectively re-writing. That was the other part; I wanted to create an alternate soundtrack for the film, and in the end I think my album is almost the same length as the original soundtrack.

Did you enjoy Tron: Legacy?

Overall yes! But it’s far from perfect, or even great. It lacks the unique characters and charm of the original. And let’s remember that the original used shop bought frisbee’s as props… This may be one of the first films where I started to get bored of CGI.
Hey at least they did a sequel instead of a reboot!

What brought you to TimeSlave Recordings for the release?

I’ve been watching TimeSlave Recordings from the sidelines for a while. I like to gauge the credibility and and respect that a label has before dealing with any. When they got in contact a while back I was extremely happy to hear out their ideas and see what we could come up with. They’ve got a solid list of releases so far and a loyal fan base of supporters, that speaks volumes to me!

Any parting thoughts before I dig into a review of the record?

A huge thanks to yourselves at Echosynthetic and also TimeSlave Recordings! It’s been a blast working with them already and there’ll much more to come this year, including a vinyl release of my album ‘Ascension’. End of Line.

So, what exactly are you getting with The Grid? You’re getting what amounts to an alternate soundtrack to the film Tron. It’s an ambitious undertaking, but the fact that Occams Laser would be one to take it on doesn’t surprise me one bit. He’s known for his ambitious songwriting and ability to handle music on a grand scale. The fact that it’s a re-scoring of one of my all time favorite films just makes it all the cooler.

So now that you’ve got a reason to get your copy of Tron off the shelf (VHS, baby!) and turn the volume all the way down on your television. Grab your headphones and get ready to use the track titles as a “clu” for when each track should be played. It’s going to give you a completely different yet completely viable score to the film. As far as I’m concerned, The Grid is cannon, right there along with the original movie soundtrack and Daft Punk’s score for Tron Legacy. So, what are you waiting for?!? The Grid awaits!

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