There are big changes afoot at Filtersweep Collective. With the second half of the year looming and the great response we had from our first compilation “Futuresynth Volume 1” we are expanding to diversify the label to focus more on the synthwave scene in Australia and beyond. So, whats in store?

Firstly an expansion to the management team. I’m pleased to announce that Beau Simpson has joined us in a very senior role. His experience as a mastering engineer and producer, and his forward thinking and innovative ideas, and passion will serve the label perfectly, and it’s great to have him on board.

Mid to Late August 2017, we will be releasing “Futuresynth Volume 2” with a much larger base of producers and artists. This is partly due to expanding our area of focus to New Zealand, SE Asia, and the whole Asia Pacific region.  So, as some high profiles acts, we have tracks from Microchip terror, The G, JJ Mist, Actroid, JJ.Christie, and a guest appearance from Nicky Rowe with her Nightlights persona being welcomed into the fold from the UK.

Also on this album, we are trying to make it bigger and better with the inclusion of a number of assorted remixes, for a bit of a change to our regular compilations.

Speaking of remixes, we are launching a remix competition of a track by our newest member of the team Beau Simpson an Australian producer who goes by the moniker of “James Beau” You can sample his tracks on Soundcloud here

He’s graciously offered up one of his tracks to be used as the foundation for the competition, and a promotional video will be shared around shortly. But needless to say, there are some amazing prizes on offer.

I’m in negotiations with Distrokid to better represent labels in their distribution model, so hopefully if all goes well, we would like to expand the label to effectively sign artists up for a more beneficial recording contract. There are many aspects to this, as our mission statement has always been about getting the highest amount of royalties back into the pockets of the artists and producers. So we still have a long way to go here, as there are always costs that need covering. But it’s a personal goal of mine, moving forward, to fully investigate it .

Any media or personal enquiries can be directed to myself or Beau Simpson at


Jamie Christie – Filtersweep Collective

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