New Music: Azriel / X-Tinction

Today marks the release of the new Azriel EP, X-Tinction. In what appears to be the beginning of a new story arc (the EP is branded at Skynet Stories – 1), X-Tinction tells what befalls humanity as they fight against Skynet in Europe. I always love themed records but when the story involves the Terminator franchise I am even more interested!

X-Tinction does an excellent job of setting a tone for this first chapter, and it does so very early on. There is no doubt that the situation is grim, and thanks to Azriel’s score we have a soundtrack to the movie playing out in our heads as we listen. His use of atmospheric sounds and layered synth work set the stage for a very exciting EP, from start to finish.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, X-Tinction is available right now on Bandcamp. If you like your science fiction with a synthwave backdrop, Azriel written just what you’re looking for!

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