New Music: LVX / Interstellar

From the first second I heard the new Interstellar EP from French synthwaver LVX, I’ve been hooked. I don’t know if it’s the music or the amazing album artwork from Xavier Coste (most likely a combination of the two), but it has had me entranced. I find myself thinking about Interstellar when I’m at work or busy doing other tasks, and that’s where the magic of good music lies. It embeds itself into your reality, even when you aren’t listening to it.

What better way to pull in an audience than a fantastic opener, right? Earthlight opens Interstellar with what has to be one of the best tracks of the year. It’s definitely going to be part of my 2017 mix tape (I do collections each year of my favorite songs that are oh, so much fun to revisit years down the road!), and it really gets its hooks in…there’s no way you’re not coming back for more. Luckily LVX brought the goods and Interstellar is pure quality from start to finish.

You can snag Interstellar right now over at Bandcamp. It’s available digitally and on cassette. If you waited to order the limited edition vinyl you’re out of luck. Those bad boys are sold out! Do your music collection a favor and add Interstellar by LVX to your summer listening. You won’t regret it and it’s worth every penny.

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