We Proudly Present to You: Echosynthetic Fest 11/11 @ The Earl, Atlanta

It’s finally here…the official announcement for Echosynthetic Fest! In conjunction with Triple D’s Productions, The First Annual Echosynthetic Fest is going to be held November 11, 2017 at The Earl in Atlanta, Georgia. Tickets go on sale July 28th, 2017 for the low price of $15.00 per ticket! Click HERE for ticket info. You are not going to want to sit on this as we are expecting a full sell out. As always at The Earl, it’s a 21+ show. Visit the event page on Facebook and let us know you’re coming! Festival shirts are being made by the amazing Square Wave Clothing to help commemorate the event! If you are interested in being a sponsor and getting your brand or name on the shirts, please contact me for more information.

So, who exactly are you going to get to see at the show? The lineup includes some of the biggest bands in electronic music from across the country and across the Atlantic! Check out who is performing!



Musical outlet for Pittsburgh’s Anthony Paterra, who is also 1/2 of the duo Zombi. His work has been featured on Pitchfork.com and Majeure also has toured internationally with a who’s who list of acts. He has freshly released a new EP entitled Apex.

Shredder 1984

No stranger to the United States (they’ve recently played dates with Vogel, Future Holotape, Dreddd, and FacexHugger), Shredder 1984 are coming all the way from France to play Echosynthetic Fest!


California’s FacexHugger has been honing his live show with some big dates out west. After a big show this September in San Francisco with Perturbator and Syntax, FacexHugger is bringing his sci-fi infused horror synths to Atlanta!

Vampire Step-Dad

Atlanta’s favorite father figure is bringing all the dad jokes and his exciting live show to Echosynthetic Fest! If you missed him opening for Carpenter Brut/Street Fever or TWRP, this is your chance to catch one of synthwave’s most popular acts.

The Encounter

Making the trip down from New Jersey, The Encounter is bringing his layer rich synths to Atlanta. He’s been featured by pretty much every synthwave outlet there is and like Vampire Step-Dad, a well respected member of the scene.

10th Letter

Atlanta’s 10th Letter, aka Jeremi Johnson, is a film scoring, experimental, hip-hop infused, electronic wizard. You’re not going to want to miss this set!


Glitch Black

This fall Glitch Black has had big shows with Pertubator, Dance With The Dead, and Gost. After that he’s bringing his audio/visual act to take Echosynthetic Fest by storm in November.

Gregorio Franco

He’s already represented the darker side of Atlanta’s synth scene when he shredded the stage with Gost earlier this year. With shows with Perturbator, Dance With The Dead, and Gost once more on his resume, you get to see Gregorio Franco bring his ultra heavy synth show to Echosynthetic Fest!

Pattern Language

Colorado’s Pattern Language is taking it back to the roots of the synth scene, with Chris Frain’s krautrock inspired music. This is one act that I am personally very excited to see live!

Frisky Monkey

Atlanta’s hottest synthpop act, Frisky Monkey are bringing their silky smooth vocals and dance-worthy hooks to Echosynthetic Fest.


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