New Music: Xetrovoid / Army of Steel

Xetrovoid, easily one of the best artists specializing in cyberpunk synthwave, has just dropped his latest EP. Army of Steel is four tracks of pulse pounding, hard hitting, and immersive synthwave. I love every Xetrovoid release because I feel like it gives me a broader picture of this post apocalyptic world he’s created.

Is your seatbelt on? I mean it…make sure you are buckled in because Xetrovoid launches you into battle immediately. The war torn cityscapes and barren countryside of this world have a soundtrack and Army of Steel is your guide. Like always, Xetrovoid manages to pull the listener along for the ride, making the experience feel more interactive. I know for a fact that “The Assassin” is my new favorite Xetrovoid song, and that EP closer “Against Them All” stand with the best work he’s ever done.

If you haven’t picked it up already, Army of Steel is available right now over at Bandcamp. While you’re here, don’t forget to check out our Xetrovoid interview from earlier this year if you missed it! You can find it HERE.

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