New Music: Stealth Mode / Activate

Before I even get started talking about the music, I want to give Stealth Mode a huge shout out for what has to be some of the best artwork I’ve ever seen. The Atari inspired cover of Activate hit my right in the nostalgia, and I love it! What I like about it too is that as a new listener it hearkens back to the old days of gaming…you legitimately bought things based on how cool the cover looked. Looking up review scores on the internet didn’t exist yet…nope, your network of friends was how you found out which games were cool and which games were trash. So, that brings us to the big question. Does Activate follow through? Does the music within stand up to the amazing cover art? As one friend speaking to another…yes, yes it does!

RetroSynth Records has to be proud of this release, because Stealth Mode has made a near flawless synthwave EP. Working as a soundtrack for the adventures of a time travelling Cybertronian, Activate hits all of the nostalgia buttons from the 80’s and early 90’s. It doesn’t stop there though, because honestly, that’s just not enough anymore. The music feels expansive…a giant world ready to be explored. Almost like there’s a big story here to be told and we’ve just crested the first hill.

Activate can be had right now over at Bandcamp, and as I’ve already said, Stealth Mode is the real deal. He’s a talented musician and his passion and love for what he’s doing flows into the songs. Again, buy with confidence, friends! This is one instance where the cover art does justice to the “game” within!

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