New Music: Ethereal Delusions / Ascension

Today is the day! Ethereal Delusions has released his full length record, Ascension, on TimeSlave Recordings.  You can grab it right now over at Bandcamp, including limited edition cassettes! Yesterday we gave you a sneak preview, but today we are diving into it. Get ready to enjoy one of most ambitious records of the year:

I’ve been following Ethereal Delusions since he released his first EP so I feel pretty invested in the growth and progression he’s made. I knew that Ascension was going to be good. Anybody who has been listening to the same releases as I have knew that as well. What I didn’t know what how good it was going to be. And don’t get me wrong…I’m not trying to sell Ethereal Delusions short. Ascension is just THAT good. Game changing good. I mentioned earlier that it was one of the most ambitious records of the year. That’s absolutely true. It’s also very transcendent of the genre. This isn’t just a good synthwave album…it’s a good album that even those outside the genre can recognize as something special.

Ascension is an album that never lets you settle down into a specific comfort zone. Just when you think you know where it’s headed next, Jon throws you for a loop and switches things up on you. Whether it’s the amazing guest artists like Noah Bernstein, Androck, DMH Musicworks, or Flammen, or cryptic interludes that push you deeper into this story, Ascension is never boring and it is far from status quo. I commend Ethereal Delusions for having the guts to take a hard turn and legitimately push his music into unexplored territory.

If you’re not already paying attention to what Ethereal Delusions has been up to, there’s no better time than now to get caught up. Ascension is one of the most complete and satisfying releases of 2017. Want to know what makes this even more exciting? He’s just getting started!

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