Exlcusive Scandroid Remix Premiere: Aphelion (Neon Rebel Remix)

Scandroid recently held a remix contest for his track Aphelion in conjunction with synthwave powerhouse, NewRetroWave. We’re proud to be able to host the premiere of one of the winning tracks, the Neon Rebel Remix! Neon Rebel joins the ranks of Dance With the Dead, Blue Stahli, Daniel Deluxe, PYLOT, d.notive, GosT, Makeup and Vanity Set, Waveshaper, and others in a true “who’s who” list of artists who have made official Scandroid remixes.

The Aphelion Remix Compilation goes on sale August 4th and will be available at your digital outlet of choice, including my favorite, Bandcamp. With Scandroid’s sophomore album coming up this fall, the Aphelion Remix Compilation should be enough to get you by until then! Keep your eyes on this space as we will have more goodies regarding Scandroid on the way soon!

Without further delay, I give you the Neon Rebel Remix of Scandroid’s Aphelion!

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