New Music: From Apes to Angels / New Skin EP

I love synthpop. I mean, I really love synthpop. Imagine my excitement when I was digging through my artists submissions and found From Apes to Angels! This duo from England is the best thing since sliced bread and I couldn’t be happier to shout out their new EP, New Skin. You can snag it right now over at Bandcamp and after you hear what they have to offer, I suspect you’re going to be hooked too.

New Skin is the perfect marriage of old school synthpop sensibility and the modern push of new wave. The beats are bombastic, the synths fill the space around your ears like a warm blanket, and the hooks are razor sharp. From Apes to Angels are most certainly a band to keep your eyes (and ears) on, and you can be rest assured I’ll be covering whatever may come down the pike.

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