New Music: Le Flex / I’ll Do My Best, But I Cant Promise Anything EP

This submission was a bit of an unknown for me, firstly,  as my first review for Echosynthetic, I was a bit out of my comfort zone, and secondly, as it came from an artists who (I must be honest) I hadn’t come across before.

On further investigation through Spotify, I discovered quite a prolific release history in the back catalogue. And I took the time to listen to some older material before delving into their latest release “I’ll Do My Best, But I Cant Promise Anything”. I found that I’d opened the door to world of soft and sensual grooves, that are really infectious.

So, the new EP? The production quality has stepped up a notch with this one. The first 2 tracks can be described as a velvet sheen wrapping you up like a cozy fire, a glass of fine wine, lover by your side, you get the picture!  And then Track 3 – “Watching You”, hit me right between the eyes, with a hook that drags tight. The is pure pop gold, and has gone straight to the top of my playlist. This totally appeals to my synthpop roots, and I love it!!!

Track 4 “Missing Persons” starts like a percussive Peter Gabriel track, then falls back into the Justin Timberlake R & B groove. Another great track. And then to wrap it up, “Please Stay” has a great 80’s love song feel to it.

In conclusion, this is one artist to watch out for, if you’re into the JT FutureSex/LoveSounds, Savage Garden-esque R&B grooves with a 80’s aesthetic, you’ve gotta get across this release. You can find it right now at Bandcamp!

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