Denver EBM Stalwarts Blackcell Debut New Video for “Burn the Ashes”

One of the more surreal things about the current nuclear-armed tensions between the US and North Korea is how placid everything looks as I go about my business. People are still walking their dogs, window shopping, listening to Taylor Swift or god-knows-what. This isn’t how I pictured the days before armageddon.


Denver-based EBM group Blackcell couldn’t have picked a better time to shatter the illusion of normalcy with the video for their new release , “Burn the Ashes.” Both the imagery and sounds are eerily accurate depictions of the anxiety felt right now by anyone paying attention. It’s unsettling and relentless, reminding this listener of early Cabaret Voltaire. You also get glimpses of their live performances, including a few “gear porn” behind the scenes shots.

The video was released in conjunction with the new limited edition cassette called “Phase 6, Vol. 2” – which contains “Burn the Ashes” along with the bonus track “It Don’t Come Easy” – which can be purchased from the group’s Bandcamp page.


We’ll have more about the Blackcell’s music in the near future on Echosynthetic – assuming we’re all still around then.

When he’s not waiting for the all-clear siren, Chris Frain writes and performs electronic music as Pattern Language. The debut EP – “Total Squaresville” – is available from Happy Robots Records at

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