Synthwave Sunday: 20Six Hundred is Releasing The Cold Rise From Sleep on Vinyl!

There is a whole lot of vinyl going around these days, it’s truly turning into a new golden age for the medium. So many artists are embracing physical media in ways that I never thought I’d see again. That being said, there are very few I’m as excited about as 20Six Hundred’s amazing, groundbreaking record…The Cold Rise From Sleep…getting the vinyl treatment.

Sofa King Vinyl is teaming up with 20Six Hundred in this endeavor, but they need our help! They need to reach a goal of 100 pre-orders before the project can get off the ground and the end is in sight! There’s not much time left so make sure you get your pre-order in before it’s too late. You don’t want to miss out on this super limited pressing of one of the best synthwave records to date. CLICK HERE to get your pre-order in today! You won’t regret it! Plus you’re helping out one of the coolest guys on the scene in 20Six Hundred, hands down. If you missed our interview with him back in February, you can find it HERE.

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