Synthwave Sunday Swag Edition: Ethereal Delusions Has The Loot!

So, Ethereal Delusions just opened a SWEET “shop” section on his website. From posters to hats, you can now show off your Ethereal Delusions love (or mix and match with one of the shirts over at Square Wave!). I’m particularly fond of the Coat of Arms poster, so I’m already planning future purchases. Check it out HERE!

But wait….there’s more!

Remember my glowing review of the new Ethereal Delusions record, Ascension? If you missed it, you can find it HERE. In short, it’s a boundary pushing tour de force of new and inventive ideas. Want it on vinyl? I know, me too! Well I have good news…Ethereal Delusions is doing exactly that! Head over to Qrates right now to see how you can guarantee your copy today! The faster we get the orders in the faster they get the funding to kickstart the project.

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