Nokogiri Nami Society present The Night Call Vol. 1 Charity Album PLUS an Interview with Bernardas Pikutis

As a new synthwave label, Nokogiri Nami Society have one hell of a debut compilation as their introduction to the scene. The Night Call Vol. 1 brings together an amazing group of talented musicians in the name of charity, the Yorkshire Cancer Research Foundation to be exact. All proceeds will be going to help fund the fight against a disease that has affected everyone’s life in one way or another. The dynamic duo of James and Bernardas from The Night Call radio show at University York have really put together something special here. What exactly is it? Let’s check out the details and FAQs:

  • This is a ONE MONTH, timed release. That means you will only be able to purchase The Night Call Vol. 1 from 8.16 to 9.16 of 2017 (in other words, don’t sit on this…buy it now!)
  • Cost: 4 pound minimum, but remember, this is for charity so any extra money spent will go a long way.
  • Where can I buy it?!? How about at the Nokogiri Nami Society Bandcamp page! Check it out now by clicking HERE.
  • Who did that amazing cover art? Helen Bee (www.
  • How can I find out more about The Night Call?
  • Actually, I’d like to keep up with this new synthwave label too. How about that?
  • Can you tell me more about the charity?
  • I hear there’s free stuff?!? Tell me about the free stuff: Everyone who donates will be entered into a raffle to win 1 of 3 artwork prints signed by Absolute Valentine and Highway Superstar! Winners announced at the end of fundraiser. Ships worldwide.
  • Who exactly is on this compilation?
  1. The Midnight / Days of Thunder
  2. Robert Parker / Promise
  3. Robots With Rayguns / Excess
  4. Fatal Friction / Keep On Moving Up
  5. Absolute Valentine / Police Heartbreaker
  6. The Encounter / Wolf Fang (Rhoga Armor Force) feat. Dimi Kaye
  7. NeoSlave / Welcome…To Blood Arcade
  8. Hexenkraft / A Flame in the Void
  9. Neon Shudder / The Faceless
  10. Highway Superstar / Prism Break
  11. Brat’ya / Radio
  12. Vampire Step-Dad / Steady Pace
  13. Ethereal Delusions / Alone in Space
  14. Aegis Visitor / Horizon Eyes
  15. Slow Shiver / Set in Stone
  16. Iverson / Met Line Blues
  • Wait a minute…I don’t recognize some of those songs! Nope, a lot of these songs are available to download for the first time in this compilation! Lucky you!

Now that we’ve gotten the details out of the way, let’s talk to one of the men behind this amazing collection, Bernardas from The Night Call radio show:

You’ve had this collection in the works for quite some time. How does it feel to finally have it seeing the light of day?

It’s a mix of a lot of different emotions! For one thing, I am fairly relieved, because getting this comp together was pretty challenging. Originally, we had the release date slated for late June/early July and with this being our first endeavor as Nokogiri Nami, this was a very practical way of realizing how many things can go wrong and cause delays, especially when you’re working across so many channels with so many people. It’s definitely treading new territory for me and my friends, and it definitely was a difficult process, but now it’s finally here. I can rest up and sort of take it all in. Feeling immensely proud of what we managed to get together in the end and I really hope people enjoy it!

Tell us more about the charity the proceeds are going to.

The charity is called Yorkshire Cancer Research. Last June the fine bunch at University Radio York put together this incredible event called URY 101, which was a 101 hour non stop open broadcast that raised £1,710 for this charity. Me and James took part and it definitely left a lasting impression. So one year later, when we raised the idea of a charity compilation project at a meeting, it only felt right to donate proceeds to YCR. The charity itself, tries to tackle the issue of cancer prevention and care in the Yorkshire region, as it’s one of the more cancer stricken counties in England and also lacking in early diagnostics, modern treatments and clinical trials. If anyone reading this wants to know more, I urge you to check out their website. (

How in the world did you get this who’s who group of artists together?

I can hardly believe it myself, haha. If anything, this project just reaffirmed to me just how cool the synth scene is. After two years of The Night Call, we managed to bolster our reputation and make enough connections to somehow make this happen. It’s unbelievable. At first, it was genuinely scary, seeing how artists would react to such a project and if we could see it through until the end. But amazingly, everyone we got in touch with responded with nothing, but positivity and support. The synth guys are a lovely, charitable bunch and we’re forever in their debt.

The cover art is amazing! Who did the work?

The artwork was done by Helen Bee! ( A while back, I took an interest in the culture of fan art, indie art and etc. There never really seemed to be a massive scene for this kind of expression back home and moving to the UK, going to conventions and being introduced to the colorful world of Twitter really opened my eyes. I started mingling within certain artist circles and met a lot of wonderful people along the way, one of whom was Helen. When we were discussing what we should do for art, my mind immediately went to her work. A very striking style, along with this sort of mystique that her pieces have would definitely set the release apart and make it something special. So I sent her a bunch of my favorite analogue gear for reference, some 80s aesthetic blogs and the coveted Night Call pentagram moon and this is what she came up with. We really could not be happier!

I noticed that is says Vol. 1…does this mean we can expect more from The Night Call in the future?

Yeah, bit of an ego on us, eh? Haha, but we are confident that this would do well and we’d absolutely love to do another once in the future! For one thing, there are so many artists I know and love who aren’t on Vol. 1 and who absolutely need to get in on this. And there are a lot of other brilliant causes that I believe in and I’d like to contribute towards in some way. So whilst there are no solid plans for Vol. 2 as of yet, it is something that we are absolutely considering for the future. But by no means will we be inactive until then. We’ve yet to launch and promote Vol. 1, we have a cassette release planned for the future and of course, with the new Year at university, we’ll continue doing the show on URY.

I’m sure The Night Call radio show gets tons of submissions. How do you decided what to play on air?

This might sound weird, but we really don’t get a lot of submissions. Which not to discredit the people who found us and sent us their stuff! I don’t think we’ve skipped anything we’ve received, because it was just so damn good (Fun fact, that is how we discovered IVERSEN, back when he had only one single under his belt!). But most of the material we play on the show, we seek out and fund ourselves. That being said, we might do an open call for people to submit their material next Season. It saves us from wrecking our budgets and there are still lots of artists that we miss whilst combing through the massive amounts of releases. If you’re reading this and you’d like us to spin your music, look us up on Facebook, we’d be happy to give it a chance!

I’m sure you have some people you’d like to thank…any parting words before we go?

Massive thanks to all of the artists on the compilation. Whether I know you on a more personal level or not, this means a lot to me, James and the rest of Nokogiri Nami. We can’t express our gratitude enough. However, if you are an artist that we’re not familiar with and who is interested to work with us radio or label wise, do get in touch. We’re hungry for new things and we’d love to see what we can do for you. Big thanks to Helen for the amazing artwork, hope this gets more people to check her out, because she’s incredible. Shoutouts to the labels, publications and the team at University Radio York, thanks for all the love you’ve given to this project! Thank you to Yorkshire Cancer Research for being supportive and the amazing work that they do. Big ups to team Nokogiri Nami for being amazing friends and for being crazy enough to embark on this adventure with me, especially James, without whom The Night Call wouldn’t even exist. And of course a massive thank you to the listeners who supported us over the last two years, here’s to another great year of radio and any efforts beyond! And thank you James for the interview and the support! Echosynthetic forever.

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