New Music: LightFrequency / Skyline Splitter

As summer is winding down and the fall months are quickly approaching, LightFrequency just saved the #SummerofSynth with the Skyline Splitter EP. It is six tracks of retro goodness that you can’t help but move to. Better still, you can snag it on limited edition cassette, my favorite form of collecting! Check it out over at Bandcamp while there are still some in stock.

LightFrequency is a side project of Mike Beaton of Big Lich, an act that blends synths and metal guitar riffs we just can’t get enough of at Echosynthetc. Imagine my surprise when I popped in Skyline Splitter and I was greeted with warm, synthwavy pop goodness! It really shows how much talent is involved here (a stupid amount, in case you wanted a unit you could measure, haha). What you get here is 6 tracks of some of the summer’s best…I really would put it head and shoulders with anything else released in this massive #SummerofSynth extravaganza we’ve had this year.

Before you start thinking this is just light, airy summer fun. Let me back track a bit. There is a complexity to these tracks that shows real songwriting chops. One listen to a track like “Voltage Control” lets you know really quickly that there is a lot of attention to detail, harmonies, and layers of individual sounds to create a whole that truly works. So no, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill generic summer fun. This is summer fun for grown ups!

So, it goes without saying that you should be adding LightFrequency to your music rotation. There’s not a filler track to be found here and there’s truly something for everyone on Skyline Splitter. What are you waiting for?!? Head over to Bandcamp and support good music…it’s what keeps more music like this coming out and supports the scene you love.

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