SynthWave Sunday – New Music: Bonggita / Neon Marble

If you’ve been following along with me for a little while then it should come as no surprise that I am absolutely ecstatic over the release of a new Bonggita album. Neon Marble is his first on RetroSynth Records, and what a way to make a splash! I’ll get into the nuts and bolts shortly, but I’m going to go ahead and spoil it for you now…this album is absolutely phenomenal. If you missed our previous coverage of Bonggita you can find our interview with him right HERE. I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to The Night Call radio show at University Radio York for introducing me to this amazing artist. James and Bernie…hats off to what you do for the scene.

If you’re looking for cookie cutter or paint by numbers synth music, Bonggita is not the artist for you. His music feels as if it were created with the stroke of a paint brush. There’s so much finesse and beauty in his tracks, they truly feel like little works of art. When experienced as a whole they create a bigger picture…a story arc that began in the Bonggitaria Incident, continued into his Blending In single, and now we see even more with Neon Marble. It’s an ambitious effort and requires some work on your part, but it is certainly worth going back to hear it all.

What impresses me the most about Neon Marble is that Bonggita wasn’t content to rest on what he’d already accomplished. It’s far more expansive than The Bonggitaria Incident was, experimenting with new sounds and new ways of conveying emotion through the music. It succeeds at this, sounding both from a possible future while remaining organic and accessible. I know we live in a society that wants everything compartmentalized and in bite sized single serving chunks. I suggest you ignore that trend and enjoy Neon Marble as complete entity…listened to from start to finish. Get your best headphones out, lie back, and enjoy the experience.

You can buy Neon Marble right now over at Bandcamp and I honestly couldn’t recommend it any higher. It’s a stellar album, a wonderful continuation of a story that I want more and more of, and it also happens to be one of the most complete records of the year. If I had some sort of Echosynthetic “seal of approval”, like a Rottentomatoes “Fresh Rating”, I’d be plastering it on this record right now. This isn’t just an album I will enjoy for the moment…it’s something I’m going to be coming back to for years to come. Buy it. Experience it. Enjoy!


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