New Music/New Label: Two Guys One Label present Turbo Knight / Space Cowboy Saga

Having a new label on the scene is always exciting. It means someone with a passion for music is out there trying to get more synth music into more ears. Two Guys One Label just hit the scene and they’re looking to promote quality music at an amazing price point. What would that price point be, you might ask? Free. Absolutely free. They just proved they’re willing to back that up by releasing the Space Cowboy Saga by Turbo Knight as their debut. Shots fired!

The Space Cowboy Saga is available two ways…the first being a 20 minute long, grand scale story that plays out in one continuous stream. You can check that out through the Soundcloud stream I’ve attached here to the post. You can also grab the separated tracks version over at Bandcamp, and I’ve added a link to that below. I prefer the continuous play through because it’s such a thrill ride, especially when consumed as a whole. You’d expect the music to be well written and well paced, especially since Turbo Knight is involved, but he’s really outdone himself here. This truly transports you into a golden era of science fiction spacecraft and launches you into the unknown. Repeat listening guaranteed.

You can get the new Space Cowboy Saga on Bandcamp right now! If you’re an artist and you’re looking to get your name out there, make sure and check out the Two Guys One Label contact information while you’re there. In the meantime, enjoy this new slice of sci-fi heaven that Turbo Knight has carved out for us.

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