New Music: Stilz / Holding Onto Yesterday – Pre-Order NOW!

New Stilz! That’s honestly all you need to know. That being said, if you’re expecting the synth stalwart to have been resting on his previous success, shame on you. As I told him when I first heard these tracks, Holding Onto Yesterday EP is next level material. You can pre-order it right now ahead of its August 29th release date in two formats…digital and the always sought after cassette edition. If you’re a fan of Stilz, you already know it’s going to sell out. If you’re new to Stilz…it’s going to sell out, haha! Only 50 copies…so get on it!

So, what can I say about Holding Onto Yesterday? Let’s start with the guest appearances, because it’s quite an impressive group. You’ve got blistering guitar work from Meteor on the track The Day I Lost You, one hell of a title track featuring none other than synth warden The Encounter, the vocal talents of Megan McDuffee on the soaring Reaction, Crockett bringing the heat on Still Night, and a man who needs no introduction, Dimi Kaye, layering his solos over Purple Eyes.

Stilz has really outdone himself in more ways than one. The pacing of the EP is spot on, the mastering by Tonebox is pitch perfect, the experimentation is just what he needed to separate the release from the pack, and the art work designed by Cameron McPhee and created by Stilz himself round out a near perfect release. Head over to Bandcamp before you miss out on those cassettes, I mean it.

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