New Music: Occams Laser / Occult 87

Occams Laser is taking us back down the rabbit hole he started with 2016’s Occult 86. This alternate version of our world is torn between those who worship science as a deity and those who are secretly trying to find the balance between science and religion. They use music as their weapon to re-enlighten the non-believers and convert the masses. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is.

Occult 87 finds the world further gone, as man fades from its former self. It also finds Occams Laser at his very creative best. This album sets a benchmark for dark synth music, truly creating a living and breathing world. It’s also not a blatant rip off of anyone else’s style, which is becoming a rare thing these days. It also finds Occams Laser pushing things into new arenas. The vocal work he added to the album is perfectly placed and shows he’s still got plenty of tricks up his sleeves. There’s not a single snoozer on the record, and like most Occams Laser albums, it’s best enjoyed as a whole. Not to say that there aren’t standout tracks, there are, but each track is bolstered by consuming the story as one continuous descent into this bleak world.

What else can I say? Occams Laser is a front runner in the world of dark synth music and proves it once again with Occult 87. It’s a fast paced, hook filled reminder of the wonderful time we’re living in when it comes to synthesized music. Occult 87 marks the official end to the summer and the beginning of darker things to come. Pick it up at Bandcamp!

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