New Music: SPC ECO / Calm

The duo of SPC ECO, made up of shoegaze stalwart Dean Garcia and his brilliantly talented daughter, Rose Berlin, have just released what has to be one of the year’s most satisfying records. Calm is a complex piece of work…Garcia’s soundscapes undulate with the ebb and flow of Berlin’s vocals in such a hypnotic way…you can’t help but to lose yourself in this music.

What you typically find in reviews is the writer trying to find some sort of comparison, an artist you’re likely to identify the subject to. I’m not even going to bother with that because it would be a futile exercise. Besides, it would only serve to cheapen what SPC ECO have created here. Have you ever closed your eyes when listening to music, finding yourself transported to another place…completely immersed in the record? Calm is made up of twelve such journeys. There’s no hyperbole here…I’m honestly having a hard time writing and listening at the same time because I want to just let the music carry me away. I can’t think of a higher praise than that.

Calm is a the culmination of some of the most talented artists I’ve had the chance to write about. As I mentioned earlier, Dean Garcia has created a musical backdrop here that could stand on its own. These tracks move and grow as if they’re living breathing things. Where the magic happens is when Rose Berlin’s vocals interact with these tracks. It’s hard to’s almost as if a conversation is taking place between the musical scores and the vocals. It’s hard to explain, and far better to experience. I can tell you this though, it’s rare. SPC ECO have bottled magic here and I strongly and highly recommend Calm to anyone, no matter where your musical tastes lie. You can find it at Bandcamp, or your digital retailer of choice.

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