New Music: Mangadrive / Death Turismo + Limited Edition CD

Have you ever started listening to an album, made it through one or two tracks, and then immediately had an overwhelming urge to buy the whole thing without having heard anything else? Death Turismo is one of those such albums, in fact, I found this gem of a quote on Mangadrive’s Bandcamp page from purchaser Christian Franco: “I bought the whole album halfway through the second track. I suggest you all do the same.” Sage advice, because you’re going to love this album. Did I mention you can snag it on limited edition cd? But act fast, there are only 50 copies of it!

Death Turismo, cheekily advertised as the new action/racing game for the Mangadrive 128-bit game system, is pure audio adrenaline. Though it has its roots in outrun, to say it was a pure outrun record would sell it short. Instead, Mangadrive has crafted a brilliant record that is an amalgam of all that is good about synth music in this decade and those past. You get a taste of 90’s techno, drum and bass, the classic 80 synths, and 70’s futurism. In short, it’s a pleasure from start to finish and one hell of a ride!

Mangadrive has truly crafted something special here. You always hear people say “it’s got something for everyone” but Death Turismo really is that album. It has the ability to get your pulse racing and your speedometer well over the limit. Get your copy at Bandcamp right now!

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