Kid Neon / Darker Days – Exclusive Stream PLUS Limited Edition Vinyl

That’s right, you can hear the entire hotly anticipated Kid Neon LP, Darker Days, right here and only here at Echosynthetic. It officially releases on September 8th on TimeSlave Recordings, and you can get your pre-orders in right now over at Bandcamp. But wait, didn’t I say something about limited edition vinyl? The boys over at TimeSlave Recordings have quickly become THE vinyl hotspot on the scene, and Kid Neon’s new release is getting a limited run of 100 pressings. That’s right, only 100! Get your pre-order in now so that you get yours when they ship out in November! Pre-ordering the vinyl release also gets you the digital version when it hits on the 8th. Alright, ready for that exclusive stream?

Ever wonder how TimeSlave Recordings seems to have their finger on the pulse of the scene? Well, it’s because you’ve got two talented co-founders in Enzo Van Baelen and Kid Neon who know what synthwave is supposed to sound like, are willing to take risks, and as proven by their own releases, write top shelf material. This is further proven by Darker Days, easily one of the hottest synthwave presses of the year. I knew Kid Neon was going to pull out all the stops but I had no idea that it was going to be this good. What does it say that the new Perturbator came out yesterday and all I’ve been listening to is my advance copy of Darker Days? It says a lot.

The first thing you’re going to notice in Kid Neon’s debut LP is how well layered this record is. You’re immediately immersed in this sonic world that he’s created as soon as Electric Sky kicks off, and he doesn’t let you go until Darker Days (We Are The Last) plays out its final seconds. And how do you get a record this immersive? It comes down to mastering, and that’s another area where Kid Neon and his Neon Mastering shines. It really pushes the record into a whole other tier of quality. Beyond the way the record sounds, mastering can only get you so far (you all know there are some really shiny clunker records out there…all neon glow but no soul)…you’ve got to have songwriting chops to make it in this business. This is honestly where the heart and soul of the record is. Darker Days is filled with body moving hooks, head banging back beats, and soaring chorus lines that urge you forward from track to track. To steal a line from Sum 41, this album is “all killer, no filler.”

Like your sounds with one foot in the 1980’s with the other planted in an unsure sci-fi future? If so, Kid Neon’s Darker Days is going to be on your playlist for a long time to come. On the flipside, if you’re a fan of synthwave in general, this is must own material. It serves as a great example of what is so enjoyable about the genre as a whole. It uses nostalgia, not as a crutch, but as a vehicle to move toward something new and exciting. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go listen to it all over again. Don’t forget to pre-order!


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