An Echosynthetic Interview with Boy Harsher

We recently had the opportunity to talk to Boy Harsher, but before we get to that, we’ve got some news to discuss! The amazing synth duo have new music on the way, with the Country Girl EP coming October 13th! The band has released Motion as a single ahead of the new EP, including a music video (that I’ve included below). I’m a big fan of their minimalist approach, dark gritty edge, and almost whispered vocals, and Motion delivers on all fronts! It’s a perfect tease of what’s to come on the new EP.

The second thing I need to discuss is upcoming Boy Harsher live coverage. As an Atlanta based site we were beyond thrilled to see that Front 242 had tapped them as the support for their show at The Masquerade on September 20th. We will be posting live updates on our Twitter feed that night along with a full write up of the show. Don’t fret if you can’t make the Atlanta show though, as Boy Harsher have a very active fall and winter ahead of them. Check out all these dates, and be sure to jump on one close to you!

Thu 8:45 PM · 1 guest
Sat 9 PM · 80 guests
Philadelphia, PA
Sun 8:30 PM · 33 guests
Mon 8 PM · 92 guests
Richmond, VA
Pittsburgh, PA
Fri 8 PM · 19 guests
Kingston, NY
Montreal, QC, Canada
Los Angeles, CA
Wed 8:30 PM UTC+01 · 49 guests
Frankfurt, Germany
Fri 9 PM UTC+01 · 25 guests
Oberhausen, Germany
Dec 1 – Dec 2 · 203 guests
Paris, France

Alright, now that we’ve talked about new music and where you can see them, let’s actually talk to Boy Harsher!

Thanks so much for talking to us! Before we get started, why don’t you introduce yourselves to any new listeners who might be out there.

Augustus Muller + Jae Matthews

You’ve got new music due out soon. What can you tell us about the Country Girl EP?

It’s a selection of 4 songs we’ve been working on over the past two years. We’ve had some upgrades in the studio and feel like it some of the best material we’ve made.

Yr Body Is Nothing has been out for over a year! Now that it’s had time to marinate, what are your thoughts on it?

(Gus) Old music is tough. We wrote some of those songs over 3 years ago. All I can say is that I’m surprised how well it was received. We just sold out of the 3rd pressing. I didn’t have those expectations.

(Jae) It’s wild how something can start as so personal + transform into almost neutrality after release.

What is your writing process like and how has it changed over the years?

(Gus) TBH it’s pretty chaotic. Every song comes from a different place. Sometimes I can make pretty thought out instrumental and Jae will just put vocals on it. Others times we start from scratch and build the songs together.

(Jae) It’s still just as wild as it was  when we started.  We’re both pretty stubborn people.

What is your equipment set up? Do you have a favorite piece of gear?

(Gus) We have pretty low budget gear. We programmed the first two albums on an MPC and a groovebox. I bought Ableton last year. That changed the game.

(Jae) Gus has a midi “wind instrument” that I really like. It looks pretty silly, too.

Your beginnings were in Savannah, right? What kind of music town is it?

It’s not a music town. It’s a college town. It’s a spooky town. A bunch of weirdos live there and the art is all over the place.

Speaking of music, how did your own sound develop?

It’s a long conversation. We’re both creative dictators and we’re just trying to find some overlap. I think the first moment was when I found out we both liked Oppenheimer analysis – Devils Dancers. And that was six years ago.

You’re playing with Front 242 in Atlanta soon. How do you prepare to play a show with a legendary act like that?

(Gus) I have no idea. We’re gonna play the same set we played in a basement a month ago.

(Jae) Pretty freaked.

Any parting words before we go?

Thanks for having us xo

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