New Music: BOO / Radiation [Maxi-Single]

Battery Operated Orchestra dropped a new maxi-single for Radiation today, and I’d be remiss if I failed to mention it. Our writer Chris Frain discussed the single a couple weeks ago when he covered the premiere their new music video for Radiation. You can find that article HERE, along with a full interview with the band back in June, available HERE. Since he contributed a couple Pattern Language remixes to the release, I’m taking over coverage of this one.

I’m always excited when I see a maxi-single release because there just aren’t enough of them anymore. They used to be a staple in the synthpop world, offering up amazing remixes, some b-side gems, and other goodies. These days they’re pretty rare so this Radiation release is a special treat. So, what exactly are you getting? Let’s check out the track list:


You can snag the Radiation maxi-single right now over at Bandcamp, and seeing how this is a name your price single (for a limited time only!), you’ve literally got no excuse to not pick this up. It comes with all sorts of extras, including behind the scenes photos, production sketches, and more, so get ready to immerse yourself in BOO!

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