New Music: Decade Defector / Renegade EP

It’s been a year in the making, but let me tell you this, the new Renegade EP from Decade Defector is well worth the wait. What do you get? Five tracks of some of the best music released this year, hands down. With the addition of Tom Edwards on vocals, this is an act that is a force to be reckoned with. I’m honestly blown away by the amount of quality they were able to cram into this EP. It’s got me licking my lips wanting more, that’s for sure!

Let’s dig into Renegade a little deeper:

On The Beat (feat. Dave Maverick): The EP opener kicks things off with a brilliant synth hook played over static filled police radio chatter…then the backbeat kicks in, letting you know things just got real. Things could honestly have continued on this way and it would have been a good track, but expertly placed guitar work from Dave Maverick sets this track way above the average. As the synth score builds the solos keep pace to create a really special welcome to this EP.

Renegade (feat. Tom Edwards): What can I say about the title track of the EP? Well, for starters, it’s easily one of the catchiest songs of 2017. Not only does it have a masterclass level hook, you’ve got samples from The Warriors (always a win), and a chorus line with vocals that cannot be denied. If I was writing this article in 1987 or 1988 I’d be talking about how many weeks Renegade had spent on the Billboard charts.

Nightcrawler: The midway point of the EP finds us exploring the city streets at night. The neon glow gives the underbelly of the metropolis a sickly sweet appeal, but you know danger is just out of sight. Nightcrawler is a well paced track with real emotion behind it, and shows that even as a non-vocal act Decade Defector can still hold ground with the big boys on the scene.

Sink (feat. Tom Edwards): Sink is my favorite song on the EP. While you’ve got Renegade two tracks earlier giving us pop perfection, Sink is like it’s complex and emotional twin that delves into the deep. Tom Edwards and Nate VanBuskirk are onto something here and it’s beyond what is going on in the scene as a whole. Top shelf stuff.

Calling Card (feat. Tom Edwards): What better way to end things than with a song boasting layered vocals, harmonizing chorus lines, and more of those tight hooks that have permeated this entire EP. What was my reaction after hearing this song come to a finish? To instantly hit repeat to experience the whole thing again.

If you haven’t noticed already, I really enjoyed the Renegade EP. I feel like Decade Defector have something special on their hands here and I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks about it. Be sure to check out their Bandcamp page on 9/15 to snag your copy! Better yet, you can grab it on super limited edition cassette over at TimeSlave Recordings right now by clicking HERE! You will NOT regret it. If you missed it, we interviewed Nate VanBuskirk recently! You can find that interview HERE.

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