New Music: Dreddd / The Heavy Album + The Story Behind It

It’s always a treat to get a new Dreddd album. The guy is easily one of the most prolific artists on the scene…churning out high quality material faster than you can blink. Imagine my surprise when I found out that The Heavy Album is made up of demos and unfinished tracks! That’s right…Dreddd has released an album of demos and unfinished tracks that outplays and outperforms the competition. The guy is a songwriting dynamo! To make The Heavy Album even cooler, it’s also Dreddd’s debut on RetroSynth Records, one of the premiere labels on the synthwave scene!

Since there’s no better source for information on the record than from the one who wrote it, let’s find out what Dreddd has to say about the origins of The Heavy Album:

So Heavy was kinda an idea more than anything, meaning that I had no idea what I was gonna do next after Water Color Sun. It seemed like the response to it was mixed, as it polarized a lot of people with trapsynth , non traditional synthwave, and a crushing length. I wanted a break to think, but then Chester died from Linkin Park (a lot of my inspiration musically when I started 13 years ago was from him), and I just didn’t feel right. I also didn’t wanna just jump into another album, so I took a week off and booked a hotel and just got away. After that I started to think about what was next for me and started work on Black Goat, it started with the track called The Internet, but I didn’t think people would like a whole house album, so I switched it up. As time went on I started gaining more followers and cool fans just reaching out to me telling me they like this song and that song, but I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted something that could rival many top dogs and stand shoulder to shoulder with the greats, but as you know time has a way of making things better.

So after a month of writing during and after Water Color Sun, I cut a lot of shit when Black Goat started coming together. There were a lot of heavier track that weren’t where I was going…they just didn’t fit the vibe of BG, so they got cut. Songs like Motorcycle, Murphy I’m a Mess, The Internet, Intergalactic, Murder Your Darlings, and Monsters Coming Alive all got cut. I wanted to just give back, because I really do do this for the music and the love of the scene, I gave it out for free.

After I saw Echosynthetic and other people really loving the 3 songs I’d released, it was just surprising how to see how much they loved the heavy shit, and how frequently they played just those three songs! I felt bad. Everyone deserved more, just for being so rad and supporting 3 songs , just 3! So I have them a gift, as a thank you, and the response has been overwhelming!

Beyond these songs, some of the track also come from my collaboration with Crusader coming next year. Crusader is the coolest dude, I love his music like a lot, and can’t wait for his new album. He’s also a huge fan of mine, so that’s been fun haha!

So, to sum it all up, if you think Heavy is amazing, something different, and cool from me…just wait. Black Goat is crushing, dark, and heavy. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done and will just blow people away!

Well, there you have it! Dreddd is seriously one of the great guys on the scene, and if you want to check out his new Heavy Album you can find it right now on Bandcamp! I’ve had it on repeat this week and I can tell you that we’re going to be all over the coverage on Black Goat, so keep your eyes peeled!

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