New Music: Robots With Rayguns / Slow Jams

You knew it was bound to happen…Robots With Rayguns has taken his unique synth style from the dancefloor to the bedroom. Slow Jams is packed from start to finish with smooth grooves that set the mood, whether by candlelight, just in time for couples skate time at the rink, or a late night stroll with your Walkman.

Slow Jams brings together new tracks, deep album cuts, and re-imagined versions of classic RWR songs, all with a central theme…tempo. Nothing here is going beyond the mid-tempo range and by doing so creates a pseudo concept album. Beyond that, nobody has had the guts to pull anything like this off. Slow Jams is officially the standard bearer for synth based mood music on the scene, and it’s not even close.

Alright, now that you know what you’re getting, let’s talk about how you can get your hands on it. As always, RWR has this release available on cd and cassette. You can find these over on his Bandcamp page right now. But wait! He’s got a trick up his sleeve this release. He’s partnered up with Sofa King Vinyl and is doing a limited edition vinyl release of Slow Jams! Only 200 of these are going to be made so if you want one you need to get on it ASAP. You can get your order in by clicking HERE to visit the Sofa King Vinyl page, or you can find the links on the RWR Bandcamp page. Ignore the SOLD OUT below the vinyl info over at Bandcamp…it’s only listed that way because it’s being sold off-site. But don’t take that as a reason to wait. This will sell out, so follow the links and get your order in before they’re gone!

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