New Artist Alert: The Bad Dreamers

It’s been awhile since a new artist caught my attention as much as the LA based outfit, The Bad Dreamers. They’re a synthwave project started by record producer David Schuler (who has worked with the likes of P!nk, John Legend, and New Politics) with an eye on a full length record due out next year. In the meantime I’ve got two outstanding tracks to share with you.

First up we’ve got F**k Every1, which was my introduction to The Bad Dreamers. As soon as the backbeat kicked in I knew there was something special here, but then I got the wind knocked out if me when that saxophone hit! Add in the perfectly matched vocals and you’ve got a sure-fire winner here.

The second track we’re going to look at is Who You Run Too, a smooth, slowburn of a smash hit here. It’s a perfect marriage of modern production and 80’s sensibilities. When the chorus hits you can almost see the crisis moment in a relationship taking place on the big screen (as Molly Ringwald realizes her crush doesn’t love her and once she turns away he looks in her direction, confused about his own feelings).

Keep your eyes peeled on this space. We’ve got a direct line on this act and as soon as there’s news you’ll see it here!

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