New Music: Isidor / 3218

First of all, before I get started, I want to say that any album that starts off with a track titled Star Sheriff is going to get my attention. It’s also going to set some expectations, and those expectations are going to be high. I’d already noticed a great review for the album over at the excellent Watermelon Banzai so I’ve been dying to dig into Isidor’s 3218. Is it going to live up to the hype?

Let’s go ahead and end the suspense…3218 isn’t just good, it’s great. When the album begins you get the feeling of putting in an old, well used cassette…a little bit of a warble and a little bit of static. Then it happens. What, you might ask? Isidor brings the heat. Out of nowhere this monster beat hits and it doesn’t let go until 3218 is over. Forget trying to control the use of your limbs or head movement. This record demands body movement and it’s going to get you in the groove almost immediately.

Something else I’d like to congratulate Isidor on is how well he’s managed to give an album the feeling of space exploration. 3218 takes you beyond our solar system and it FEELS like you’re out there. If you shut your eyes you ARE. It’s uncanny how well it transports you elsewhere and it’s part of the magic of music in general. Unfortunately not everyone knows how to wield this magic and you’re left with a static record that, though entertaining, doesn’t take you anywhere. Isidor has proven himself to be in a masterclass in this case because 3218 is a portal to the unknown.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Isidor has a scorcher on his hands here. 3218 hits hard when it needs to, takes you into the starry ether on the flipside, and throughout the experience it never ceases to amaze. It’s one of the year’s most complete records and I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who enjoys synthwave music. Pick it up over at Bandcamp post haste!

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