Synthwave Sunday: RetroSynth Records Volume 2 + All RetroSynth Comps Are On Sale For A Limited Time!

We’ve got a special Synthwave Sunday feature this week. In celebration of releasing the new RetroSynth Records Volume 2 compilation, RetroSynth Records has put ALL of their compilations on sale for a limited time! What does that mean exactly? It means the RetroSynth Volume 1 is on sale for $1.00, RetroSynth Volume 2 is on sale for $1.00, and the massive In Synth We Wave compilation is on sale for $5.00! Beyond that, they have limited edition cd’s still available for Volume 1 and 2, with news of a vinyl release just around the corner!

So, what’s on the new RetroSynth Volume 2? Let’s dig in a little bit! You’re getting some new and unreleased tracks, brilliant work by newly signed RetroSynth artists, and a bevy of 20 of the best synthwave songs out there. Scott Forte has been building a stable of musicians that are becoming quite a force to be reckoned with and that makes his compilations MUST OWN material for anyone with an interest in synthwave. In fact, if you’ve got a friend who’s interested in synthwave but unsure where to start, this sale is the perfect opportunity to gift some music to them and get them on this rollercoaster.

Check out that track list! You can snag it right now over at Bandcamp for $1.00! That’s highway robbery so take the chance while you can. Like I said, Volume 1 is available for $1.00 as well, and you can find it HERE.

And, as I mentioned before, the monster compilation to end all compilations, In Synth We Wave is available for just $5.00 HERE. I paid full price for all three of these comps and feel like I got a steal. You’ve got the opportunity to have close to 100 synthwave bangers for $7.00, and that’s just crazy.

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