New Music: Ulyssio / Arachnophony

If you like your synths with a heavy helping of darkness then boy do I have a new album for you to check out. Ulyssio’s Arachnophony is a bombastic feast for anyone who likes aggressive beats, haunting soundscapes, and a breakneck tempo. I also have to give a nod for having what has to be the creepiest album art I’ve seen all year, done by none other than Atomcyber!

What really sets Ulyssio apart for me, is A.) He’s not using the same synth sounds that a lot of artists tend to lean toward. He’s got a sound that’s HIS and that’s becoming more and more of a rare thing. B.) There’s melody here. Arachnophony isn’t just a barrage on the senses…there are well layered harmonies here and it keeps it from being just another release that hit this summer. As it is, Ulyssio has a record here that stands on its own that demands repeat visits!

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