New Music and a New Collaboration From Ethereal Delusions and JJ.Christie!

Ever wonder what would happen if Chuck Norris and Mr. T walked into a bar at the same time? You’re about to find out what the musical equivalent of that sounds like thanks to a powerhouse collaboration between Ethereal Delusions and JJ.Christie! Not only are they teasing us ahead of their full length record, they individually have new music. Looks like fall is going to be just as hot as the summer was!

Ahead of the big full collaboration record called The Big Melt, Ethereal Delusions and JJ.Christie have released a teaser…a double A-Side single that includes the tracks Tostië and Global DissolutionTostië is a body mover and guaranteed to get the blood pumping. Like any great dance single should, Tostië builds over time until you’ve given yourself over to it completely. While Tostië beckons you to the dancefloor with its hypnotic musical gaze, Global Dissolution is a more progressive affair…with staccato beats, vocoder vocals, and a hook that defies explanation (but in layman’s terms, it’s one hell of a hook!).

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled here as we’re going to be covering The Big Melt ahead of its release (including an upcoming interview with Ethereal Delusions!). For now you can grab this double A-Side over at Bandcamp and get ready for more great music!

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