New Music: low.poly.exception / Nodal Point Gang

This is a record I’ve been eagerly been waiting to share with you! I’ve been a huge fan of low.poly.exception since the project hit the scene earlier this year…teasing us with cryptic messages, EPs that defied categorization, and a fresh new approach to electronic music. Nodal Point Gang is everything that I wanted it to be and so much more, further entrenching low.poly.exception as one of the few acts willing to push the boundaries of the scene.

Nodal Point Gang tells the story of an eerily plausible future where information is controlled by the government, privacy has become practically obsolete, and accessing the net is controlled. The only way to fully access the web in complete privacy is through hacked nodes using repurposed servers that effectively evade the government and its watchful eye. Creating these nodes is illegal and even dangerous, with a life sentence being doled out to those caught. Those who keep the data flowing freely are known as the Nodal Point Gang. Why do they do it? Because information wants to be free.

It’s a brilliant backstory that is fitting for the complexities found in the album. Before you listen to the album, soak in the story…let yourself delve into this world…then press play. Close your eyes and you’ll find yourself pulled into a time and place that’s not so dissimilar from our own, but low.poly.exception masterfully crafts a soundscape that never lets you get too comfortable. No, this isn’t our world, but it could be. That’s what makes Nodal Point Gang such a poignant release. The music challenges your view of this world, pushes against your boundaries, and forces you to evaluate each track of this journey you’ve been lulled into.

With Nodal Point Gang, low.poly.exception tips the balance of how music is heard and experienced. This is more than just a new record that came out this week…it’s an immersive virtual experience. It’s a dark and possibly dangerous glance into another place, and if you let him, low.poly.exception will take you there. Nodal Point Gang is available right now over at Bandcamp in digital and CD formats!

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