New Music: The G / Cosmopolis on Limited Edition Vinyl and Cassette

As much as a love synth based music I often find myself stymied when someone asks me what kind of music I cover here at the site. They get a confused look on their face when I try to explain it because it’s so hard to fold up into a pretty and neat envelope. You’ve got new wave, synthpop, industrial, EBM, synthwave, and dozens of offshoot subgenres that make things even cloudier. One artist has made my job explaining things a lot easier. Now when someone asks me what it is that I cover I simply tell them to check out The G. They don’t need to understand the politics of synth subgenres, they just want to hear good music…and The G is exactly that.

Back in May The G released Postcards from LA, a transportive record that took you on a sun soaked West Coast road trip. With Cosmopolis we see The G taking us to the skies for another kind of trip. When I talked to him about the album and what it’s about, here’s what he had to say:

“Well, it’s science fiction road music, or maybe the soundtrack to a sci-fi road movie! I had this vision of a trip to, and through, a city not unlike LA but on an alien world. It’s covered by a dome, it’s always night time, and of course the city is bathed in neon. I also used a couple clips from 1950s sci-fi radio shows, which you’ll hear on The Dome and Cosmopolis.”

If taking us on a neon soaked night drive through a sci-fi cityscape was the goal, Cosmopolis delivers in spades. Futuristic synthwave can be tough to pull off because you have to not only take the listener someplace else, you also have to take them to a location of your creation using only music as a medium. When an artist gets it just right, it’s nothing short of magic.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a couple of high profile guest appearances on Cosmopolis.  The track Stars that Fade features spot-on vocals from Vandal Moon. The track is already a good one but Vandal Moon truly takes it to a new level. Then we have The Color of Television featuring Vampire Step-Dad, who has a guitar style all to his own. As soon as you hear it you know who it is, and as always, VSD is quality.

Cosmopolis is OUT NOW! Why do I put that in caps? Because there are a couple of limited edition offerings you need to be aware of. As with any TimeSlave Recordings release, there is physical media involved and they now have the ability to press their own vinyl. That’s right, Cosmopolis is available on limited edition vinyl! You can also grab it on limited edition cassette and the always present digital version. Head over to Bandcamp today and grab your copy of choice today!

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