The Echo Chamber Part Deux

TimeSlave Recordings co-founder, Enzo Van Baelen, is back for another edition of the very popular Echo Chamber! Enjoy!

Once again welcome to the Echo Chamber, and this week’s column finds me scribing from the rather salubrious environs of the TimeSlave cutting room – otherwise known as my spare room.

I’m using a lathe which means cutting each record in real time, but it is a labour of love and this week I’ve been running off copies of a couple of releases due on the label.

Anyone who watched my live stream on Facebook this week of me cutting IVERSEN’s EP will see that it’s an involved process. But I can’t tell you how privileged I feel to have a cutting machine in my hands. The plan is to set it up as a service for new artists who want to get a short run of their material done at a fair price. Other sites do it, but some are extortionate.

It’s an issue that comes up a lot as a label owner – vinyl.

For me, as someone who came through my teens as a Drum & Bass DJ, vinyl is the holy grail. Nothing beats having physical media in your hands. As a label, we’ve started by using QRates as a medium to help our artists on to the black stuff. My brother Kid Neon sold out Darker Days last week, but we’ve got two other releases out at the minute by The G and Computronic.

In the long run we want to be able to step up into the territory held by labels like NRW and Electronic Purification. We’ve already agreed deals with Futurecop! And Occams Laser for full vinyl releases. They won’t be on QRates. Instead we are working with a renowned pressing plant in London to bring them to life.

I will also be announcing pre-orders for the slightly delayed FutureSounds2 compilation… We’ve got some massive names on this one and the charity itself is a great cause – but more on that later.

A few things caught my attention this week. Not least the news that Marko is doing Synthetix Sundays for the very last time. I’ll handle the others in amongst the featured tracks segment, but just a short word on the end of Synthetix.

This makes me happy and sad in equal measure. The pod is legendary in the scene and it’s a real shame to have to have to let it go… but I really hope people tune in in good numbers and give it the send-off it deserves. Marko is gonna be giving away some vinyl copies of The G’s new album: Cosmopolis so tune in if you wanna win one.

Don’t forget, if you’re based in or around London, Friday 29th September brings you Outlands at the Clapham Grand. Timecop 1983 is headlining, but Kid Neon and I will be heading down there to check it out and I’ll probably do a little feature on the event for Echosynthetic if James will have it! *Editor’s Note: Of course! Are you crazy, haha!*

Hot this week: The G – Cosmopolis/Robots With Rayguns on Vinyl/Grabbing the last copy of Cyanide Sisters purple repress!

Shit this week: Trolling of independent artists – if you don’t like it don’t listen.

Until the next time!


(Featured tracks)

The Midnight: Crystalline

When this popped up in my feed this morning I nearly choked on my Kellogg’s. New Midnight tracks are always exciting and this one gripped me right away. Saxual solos and end of summer vibes, this stretches way beyond the standard Synthwave template into something Don Henley would have been proud of.

More please.

Absinth3: Wanting More (Unstable)

There’s no way on earth this fella is 17, surely? Mature compositions, and a synth solo that’s part Funkadelic – part William Onyeabor. But don’t panic, the body of this baby is smooth like a Droid Bishop track. I’ll avoid the obvious pun from the title, but click the link. Buy the album. Enjoy the ride.

I need to talk to this guy

De Lorra: See You Again (Chances EP)

Not strictly speaking a new track but it’s new to me. For that pleasure I owe a duty of thanks to the Synthwave Vinyl Collectors Group. I confess that I’d never heard of De Lorra before it was shared in that group last week, but this EP is on heavy rotation in the studio.

Energetic and crisp production. And there’s a whole treasure trove of other releases to dig through too.

Decade Defector: Renegade (feat. Tom Edwards)

Had me at: “Who are The Warriors…?”.

Probably my favourite film of all time, and this homage to The Warriors is an ear worm. Run for your life.

The G: The Color of Television (feat. Vampire Step-Dad) (Cosmopolis)

The G’s sophomore effort dropped this morning. Difficult to pick a stand-out track, as the whole album hits the spot. But for me, ‘The Color of Television’ catches The G at his atmospheric best with support from shredding guitar solos by VSD.

We are doing a vinyl run of just 100 copies, as well as tapes for the old school like me!

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