New Music: Klack / Do You Klack?

This week has seen the release of one of the year’s best EBM releases in Klack’s debut EP, Do You Klack? As a huge fan of EBM I’m loving its resurgence…seeing bands like Youth Code, Boy Harsher, and Street Fever (among many others) take the old and fuse it with the here and now is such a treat!

Made up of Matt from Caustic and Eric from Null Device, this is a powerhouse combo of electronic music knowledge and experience. Why is that important? Because EBM is simple. Get your beat, get a hook, and get your vocals or audio samples ready, and you’re on your way to what you need. Unfortunately this is where most acts, especially ones who don’t have the experience to back it up, fall short. They over complicate things, make the tracks to busy, or produce them to death. Matt and Eric have the wherewithal to know when to leave things as they are, and in doing so they’ve created an EBM gem.

Are you ready to Klack? You can pick up the new EP at the low “Name Your Price” bargain over at Bandcamp right now!

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