New Music: Synesthete / This Space is Statically Assigned

Wait? What is this? New synth music that’s not crawling up from the underbelly of the genre? I dare say, it’s true! Synesthete’s debut Ep, This Space is Statically Assigned is filled to the brim with bright synths, warm chorus lines, and a musical space you can close your eyes and explore. Not saying I don’t enjoy pulse pounding, danger filled beats, but releases like this are getting fewer and farther between as the genre moves toward the abyss (musically, not in a bad way, haha…realized that sounded like I was predicting the demise and doom of the genre, haha) and farther away from the neon lights of summer.

For new listeners who want an idea of what you’re getting into here, for me Synesthete is more akin to synthpop than to synthwave, though the waters here are very muddy and open to interpretations. Why even assign genres at all? Because everyone likes to compartmentalize things, that’s why! Regardless, good music shines through whatever label it is assigned, and this EP is filled top to bottom with good music.

Know what I want? A Lauren Mayberry of  Chvrches and Synesthete collab! Synesthete has created what is probably the best Chvrches EP that they didn’t write, and let me tell you, I love Chvrches (so that’s quite a compliment). For me, This Space is Statically Assigned is a well written bright spark in a sea of dimmer alternatives.

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