New Music: Code Elektro – Triads

I recently spoke to Martin Ahm about his upcoming release Triads for his project Code Elektro. It is now available on his website, in electronic format and a massive vinyl release. So for all you vinyl fans, this is one you must get your hands on.

From the opening moments of Triads, we are transported into an Asian flavoured futuristic dystopian universe somewhat in the vein of Blade Runner, or Terry Gilliam’s masterpiece Brazil. This album forms a soundtrack that could be at home in “Big Trouble in Little China” or equally “Ghost in the Shell”.

There are a number of connecting threads throughout the album that tend to tie it all together, so rather than a collection of songs, we experience a more total experience. The album really has to be enjoyed in it entirety to fully appreciate the complexity and tapestry of sounds and emotions.

For synthesizer connoisseurs out there, we’ve got emulations and software synths like u-He Dive, Omnisphere, and massive Arturia collection (a favorite of mine) and add to this some classic hardware in the order of a Moog Subphatty, Roland JX3P, KORG MS20, KorgMinilogue, Oberheim Matrix 1000, and a KORG S3000XL. A lot of depth here.

So if you’re a fan of cyberpunk, or futuresynth, OST style Synthwave, get your hands on this album, and settle in for an out of mind experience.

(Favorite track: Night Train)


As well as being a reviewer for Echosynthetic, Jamie writes and produces synthpop/futuresynth as JJ.Christie 

You can hear all his stuff here


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