Hear it Here First Stream of Coutoux / A Hell on Earth from Kill All Music

That’s right, thanks to Kill All Music you get to hear the debut LP from Coutoux, A Hell on Earth, a full week early. The album is set for release on Friday, October the 13th, but you’re getting a special sneak peek, and boy does it fit in with the darker theme we’ve set for the site this month! If you like your synths with a dark metal edge, EBM roots, and blacker than midnight on a moonless night, Coutoux’s A Hell on Earth is going to make your entire year.

OOOH just saw that was an option, here ya go:

As soon as the opening bars of the album opener Annihilation hit, I knew I was going to love this record. At no point does A Hell on Earth concede, or give you the higher ground. It’s going for the jugular from the get go and daring you to do something about it. Coutoux has created something of an amalgam of influences and sounds to create something wholly unique…and as darkness is seeping through every minute of this record, there’s a subtle majesty here too. For every double bass drum, EBM backbeat, and filtered hook you’re just as likely to hear a haunting piano measure, a down tempo acoustic guitar, and other nuances that show the work of a master songwriter.

To say that I’m impressed with this debut full length would be a sore understatement. A Hell on Earth plays out like the score to a modern day Lucio Fulci film…filled with static, confusion, and the feeling of imminent danger. For any of my readers that cut their teeth on synthwave as their introduction to synth based music, Coutoux is your gateway drug to the underbelly of so many other sub-genres that your head is going to spin. You can pre-order A Hell on Earth right now at the Kill All Music Bandcamp page! Get on it!

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