Synthwave Sunday: Halloween Cuts Deep At Filtersweep Collective


This Halloween the Filtersweep Collective are releasing a huge horror-fest  of a compilation to celebrate 2017’s ‘spookiest” festival of the year. The unofficial theme is a postmortum of 1980’s and modern climatic horror mixed supernatural TV and drama. As teaser, Australia’s own JJ Christie has released a nightmarish track in honour of the compilation, and based around the pagan festival of Samhain (pronounced Sow-inn).

You can grab this single from his Bandcamp site, for one blood thirsty skull (or $1):

Tentative artists involved in the compilation form an infestation of zombies with the likes of Enzo Van Baelen, Ethereal Delusions, Actroid, Synthicide, Kid Neon, Occams Laser, Die Scum Inc., JJ Christie, The Powerwalker, Spektor Baal, Cryocon, Decade Defector, Turbo Knight, Hamerzya, Azriel, Gregorio Franco, Neon Summers, Straylight, Star Noir, Nightlights, and Night Raptor among its ghoulish counterparts.


Any media or personal enquiries can be directed to:

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